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We are so grateful for meaningful work and purpose-driven partnerships. Since School Year 2018-19, we have worked with 50 unique partners (districts, states, or other education organizations) across 15 states, and coached more than 650 educator teams through improvement cycles.  Here are just a few of many recent partner highlights.


We are proud to partner with a number of districts, in collaboration with their respective state departments of education and/or regional improvement teams, to support schools that have been identified for comprehensive improvement.  For the past 2.5 years we have worked with the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE), 4 regional Intermediate Units, 8 districts, 4 charters, 5 cyber charters, and 95 teams from schools across the commonwealth to strengthen school improvement processes and plans.  This year, we have begun a multi-year partnership with the Christina School District (CSD) and the Delaware Department of Education: a powerful example of intentional collaboration and coherence to align improvement plans and processes at the state, district, and school levels, and to create a shared language, process, and culture for evidence-based, equity-focused improvement.  CSD has included a teacher team from each grade level across two K-8 schools and an early education center, empowering educators school-wide to surface and solve their own problems of practice, and to shift away from a compliance-based mindset to a school-wide collaborative process in which each person feels invested and integral.  Click here to learn more about our Data Wise and collaborative data inquiry services.


We were delighted when leadership from the Paul Cuffee School (PCS), an innovative public charter in Providence, RI serving K-12 students across its lower, middle, and upper schools (check out their maritime theme!), connected with us to partner with them in advancing the school’s strategic plan and priorities. This partnership has reminded us of the importance of foundational work to clarify purpose, vision, and values, to organize for improvement through strong norms and structures, and to intentionally work to build trust and strong working relationships. Through sessions with the leadership team, and through executive coaching with individual leaders, we are supporting PCS to set and achieve their vision for success and to identify and remove the obstacles and barriers to doing so, including our own immunities to change.  Here’s more information on visioning/strategy and executive coaching services.



In partnership with San Diego Unified School District, we are thrilled to be a part of a multi-year engagement with the innovative Logan Memorial Educational Campus (LMEC), a Montessori program that will eventually serve students from prenatal-12. Because the school brings together existing elementary and middle school campuses and welcomes students across several feeder schools, LMEC leaders wanted to be intentional in creating a shared and cohesive culture across their new campus.  Our goal is to use Data Wise as a common language and process for collaborative data inquiry, and as a way to organize for improvement around social-emotional learning, culturally responsive instruction, and the Montessori tenets.   We began our work together last school year with founding teams of LMEC and are continuing our work this year with 2 cohorts.  It has been a rich and rewarding learning experience to witness LMEC teams’ work on improving both SEL and academics and in ways that establish and spread The Eagle Way.

To learn more about how Koru can support your school improvement goals, contact us to start a conversation and to begin scoping a professional learning pathway.

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